Homeschool Classes

Homeschool class descriptions are below; visit our schedule and rates pages for more info, and our enrollment page when you’re ready to sign up.  Homeschool classes are offered at our Long Beach home (cross streets Wardlow and Palo Verde).


Board Games 101

  • Recommended age level – 9 and up.
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English, independently or with help.
  • Class size – minimum 4 students to run; 8 student maximum.

Board games are experiencing a renaissance, but the number and variety of board games currently on the market can be dizzying.  Where to start?

This twelve-week program will cover a variety of game types including Euro Games, Resource Management, Land Domination, Cooperative, Short & Sweet, Party Games, and Miniatures.  Each week we will learn and play at least one new board game.

Board Games Galore – Class at the Long Beach Learning Hub

  • Middle School
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English, independently or with help.
  • Class size – minimum 4 students to run; 12 student maximum.

Gamerunner will supply board games, instruction, and a positive environment in which to learn and play all kinds of games.  Whether you’re intrigued by the idea of “Gameschooling” and don’t know where to start, or you’re an avid gamer looking for new people to play with, this class is perfect.  From tried and true classics to the newest games, students will be able to sample a wide variety of styles.

Gamerunner is an advocate of learning through play.  Board games encourage players to overcome challenges using skills like critical thinking, math, reading, role playing, and sportsmanship.  In a busy world that is increasingly centered around computers, board games are also a great way to unplug and spend time with family and friends.  Come see why there is a board game renaissance happening right now!

The Star Wars Trilogy

  • Recommended age level – 10 and up – flexible for returning role players.
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English independently.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum.

There are so many great Star Wars games out right now and, in this Gamerunner first, we are excited to offer a sampling of three favorites!  Students will play three different Star Wars games over twelve weeks.

First up is Imperial Assault, a tactical maps and minis game where the students will have to work as a team of Rebels who must come up with the best strategy to win against the Empire.  The scenarios change depending on whether the team succeeds or fails and each scenario gets increasingly difficult.  But fear not!  Players can purchase new abilities and awesome gear to swing the odds to their favor.  Will they be able to foil the Empire’s plans or will the Rebels be crushed by Imperial might?  Come see why Imperial Assault is a Gamerunner favorite!

Next up is X-Wing, a dogfighting skirmish game in which students pilot fighter ships into battle.  X-Wing does an excellent job at bringing the tension and fast-paced action of a Star Wars space battle scene to the table top.  The miniatures are lovingly detailed and the mechanics are simple to understand, but flying a spaceship is hard!  Can you blast your opponent to space dust or will you crash into an asteroid or fly off the map, never to be heard from again?  Students will begin learning the basics and then begin to upgrade their ships to bring new, exciting elements to the game.

Finally, students will take on the roles of smugglers, bounty hunters, or mechanics on the far-flung fringes of the galaxy in Edge of the Empire.  Edge of the Empire is a theater-of-the-mind role playing game where players become characters in a Star Wars story all their own.  Like Dungeons and Dragons but less fiddly, this game is a great gateway to RPGs and an interesting new system for D&D veterans.  Students will be part of a collaborative story they’ll remember for a long, long time.  Another Gamerunner fave!


World of Nerdcraft

  • Recommended age level – 9 and up.
  • Recommended reading level – no reading required.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum.

Pew pew pew!  Would you like to craft your own steampunk or Tron-inspired space blaster from a simple dollar store water pistol?  Create a dreamy spacescape with poster board, spray paint, and a few tricky techniques?  Transform a wooden cigar box into the perfect carrying case for your Magic deck, counters, and D20?  In 12 weeks of World of Nerdcraft, you will try your hand at these and other arty techniques guaranteed to spruce up your game cave, enhance your Cosplay, or create fabulous gifts for the geek you love.  Learn more about World of Nerdcraft here.  No reading required.

Nerdcraft 2 – Level Up!

  • Recommended age level – 9 and up.
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English, independently or with help.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum.

Students will use all the skills they learned in World of Nerdcraft to focus on larger-scale projects.  The first part of the class is dedicated to making a Post-Apocalyptic diorama featuring a Mad Max-style vehicle!  Students will learn scale modeling principles, kitbashing, and how to build structures with sheet styrene.  In the second part of the class, students will construct cosplay Steampunk power packs with cigar boxes and LED lights.  They will learn some basic woodworking and upcycling techniques, basic circuitry, and soldering.

Prerequisite: Must have completed World of Nerdcraft and demonstrated respect in the workshop environment and proficiency with select tools.


Role Playing – Dungeons & Dragons

  • Recommended age level – 13 and up.
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English independently.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum.

Dungeons and Dragons is the original pen-and-paper Role Playing Game and, thanks in no small part to “Stranger Things,” it has again become a pop culture phenomenon.  Players will create heroic characters who go on epic quests to kill epic monsters and find epic treasure.  But there’s more to it than that.  D&D stories are immersive, compelling, and unforgettable.  Players become attached to their characters and the lives they lead in this fantasy realm.  There’s a reason D&D has endured for more than 40 years; the system encourages customization and improvisation that video games simply cannot match.

All players must commit to character upkeep on their own time (this means doing some homework on their characters) and be able and willing to take notes.  Youngsters nine and under who are interested in playing D&D are encouraged to check out No Thank You, Evil!  It’s every bit as good without all the fiddly bits!

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

  • Recommended age level – 10 and up – flexible for returning role players.
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English independently.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum.

Do you have what it takes to join the Rebels and fight against the Empire?  In Age of Rebellion, players will be immersed in the Star Wars universe and become rebel operatives sent on dangerous missions to disrupt Imperial plans.

Age of Rebellion is a role playing game, like Dungeons and Dragons in a Star Wars setting.  Players will make characters that will level up and become more powerful over the course of the game.  But unlike D&D, Age of Rebellion is not nearly as fiddly and requires much less in the way of homework and upkeep.  The game is story-driven, with all the epic action, danger, and heroism of the films we all know and love.  In short, it’s awesome!

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Role Playing Game – Third Semester

This is a continuing class for Fall 2018 and the party is full.

  • Recommended age level – 12 and up.
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English independently.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum.

Edge of the Empire is a rich and complex role playing game where the participants will create characters and be part of a story set in the Star Wars universe.

Role playing games are different from board games in that they take place mostly in the imagination of the players. The game is run by a game master who puts the players in situations and then leaves it up to the players to determine how the situation is handled.

Players will create unique characters with special abilities that will level up as the campaign progresses. Are you a Wookiee Mercenary? A human smuggler? A droid bounty hunter? The galaxy is the limit. But watch out! The Empire is an ever-present threat, as are Hutt crime bosses and rival smugglers. Danger lurks around every corner and players will have to fight their way across the Outer Rim of the galaxy to stay a step ahead of their foes. Will the Force be with you?

Role playing games require a level of attention and maturity that may not be suitable to younger players – even the biggest little Star Wars fans might find themselves squirming in their seats. However, most participants will find that becoming the heroes of their own Star Wars adventure is a rewarding, unforgettable experience.  It is important for role playing game players to be able to listen to their fellow players during their turns.


Pokémon Go Trainers Guild

  • Recommended age level – 8 and up.
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English with help.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 8 student maximum.

Pokémon Go was a global phenomenon when it was was released in the summer of 2016.  But the craze died down as the developer failed to keep up with the fans’ enthusiasm.  Thankfully, the company appears to have taken the criticism to heart and now, Pokémon Go is better than ever.

Probably the best thing about the game is that players can play the way they want.  Whether a player wants to level her character and fight in gym battles or just wants to catch ‘em all, there are as many ways to play as there are players.

This class will focus on the social aspect of Pokémon Go.  Students will learn how to fight in gyms and participate in raids together, how to earn valuable in-game currency without spending real money, and what makes a good Pokémon.  And it goes without saying that, all the while, students will be outside, some days walking a mile or more.

The class will meet up outside the El Dorado Park Public Library.  Some classes will meet up at the El Dorado Nature Center.  Students are encouraged to bring water, a snack, sunscreen, and to wear good walking shoes.  Kids will need to bring their own phone or wifi-capable device with Pokémon Go loaded on it, but we may be able to accommodate a couple of kids who do not have access to their own phone, iPod Touch, etc.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


From Medieval Times to Modern Memes: A History and Appreciation of the Music Around You – Class at the Long Beach Learning Hub

  • High School – all years
  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English independently.
  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 12 student maximum.

In this class, students will embark on a musical adventure, excavating the the roots of music and exploring its myriad branches, discovering the surprising ways music is interconnected and learning how their favorite artists were inspired by (and in some cases stole from) those who came before them.  Students will be asked to think about music critically and examine music through the lenses of popular culture, politics, and the law.  Students will be asked to keep a journal of their listening habits and the final project will be a critical review of an album of their choice.  There will be one class field trip to a record shop.

This class is rated PG-13 because it deals with subjects such as racism, drug use, and censorship.

Summer Sessions and Winter Intercession Sessions

Gamerunner offers 3-week sessions over winter break, as well as offering summer sessions and pop-up workshops.  Visit our Schedule page to learn more about what classes we will be offering during winter and summer!

Pop-up Make and Take Sessions at your home, park day, or party!

Choose one of the custom crafting experiences below:

  • Pew pew pew!  Create your very own Steampunk or Tron-inspired blaster with your friends and family!
  • Harry Potter or Elder God Spellbooks or Potion Bottles for display in your Wizard Library, or to enhance your Halloween displays or spooky cosplay!
  • Foam weapons – enhance your LARP play with a custom foam sword!

Minimum 5 participants; maximum 30 participants.  $20 per person (Long Beach, Long Beach-adjacent LA County cities, or north Orange county), all materials included.  Gamerunner will show up in costume on request.  Please contact us for more information.

After School Classes

Bring games to your after-school program!  Gamerunner serves public and private schools in the Long Beach area.  Please contact us for more information.

Enrollment in any weekly Homeschool class is for the full twelve-week course.  Please visit our Enrollment page to get started!
For registration information please contact Sasha at or 714-924-6751.


  • Enrollment is for the full semester. We do not offer drop-in classes or partial enrollment.
  • Students are expected to uphold a code of conduct that includes:  No bullying, responsible tool-handling (Nerdcraft classes), mutual respect between teacher/student and student/student, respectful handling of game components, and a commitment to practice and improve upon good sportsmanship.
  • If Gamerunner cancels a Homeschool class for any reason the class will be rescheduled or families will have the choice of a full refund for the class day or a class credit toward a future Gamerunner class.
  • Gamerunner does not give makeup classes if a student misses a scheduled class.
  • If your child has to stop class mid-semester due to serious illness, family emergency, etc, we can offer you a refund or class credit for the remaining classes they cannot attend.
  • Gamerunner accepts cash, check, or charter school funds.
  • We are happy to seek vendor approval from your charter school.  If you would like to pay for Homeschool classes using charter school funds, please contact Sasha at for PO and billing info.