Gamerunner is a unique program that facilitates board gaming, role playing games, and crafty making in a friendly environment.

Children are hard-wired to learn through play and tabletop games offer fun and interesting ways to level up a child’s proficiency in math, literacy, critical thinking, communication, and sportsmanship.

In our board gaming classes, students will play a variety of games, each one selected to engage young minds in a different way each week. In our role playing classes, students will create characters in a grand choose-your-own adventure story, facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and becoming legends as a team.

Gamerunner also offers arts & craft classes, workshops, and camps, where your child can express their geeky/gamer/artistic self, learning cool art techniques while making projects they get to take home.  Check out our World of Nerdcraft class for details, and watch for special mini-semester offerings such as Steampunk Cosplay Accessories and Monster High Doll Rehab.  Grownups can get in on the action by booking a pop-up Steampunk Blaster make-and-take or game night session, too!

Gamerunner was created out of our family’s enthusiasm for all kinds of games and our wish to share that enjoyment with other families.  Join us for one of our upcoming sessions!